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How To Deal With Anxiety In The Workplace

Feeling anxious at work is one of the myriads of mental health issues in South Africa that people face daily. However, it is not to be taken lightly simply because it is commonplace. Becoming too anxious can take a severe toll on your health, which is why you need to...

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How University Students Can Manage Their Mental Health

University students often have many issues to deal with at once. You need to juggle an intense timetable of classes as well as maintain your social circle. All of this pressure can become daunting for some and can lead to mental health issues which can be...

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Mental burnout – Get help before it disables you

Mental burnout is a condition with long-term destructive effects on modern society. It is described as a feeling of exhaustion, demotivation, and a sense of meaningless existence. Burnout can strike anyone with chronic stress, but especially those in caring roles -...

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Stress or Anxiety? Know the difference!

At first glance, it is difficult to recognize the difference between stress and anxiety. Both can lead to insomnia, fatigue, excessive worry, irritability, and impaired concentration. Even the physical symptoms such as heart palpitations, muscle tension and headaches...

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Teen Suicide in South Africa

Should we be worried? In South Africa, the death rate among young people is higher than ever, with 9,5% of all teen deaths being caused by suicide, and 20% of high school students attempting suicide. Who’s at risk? Among teenagers, suicide attempts may be associated...

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