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Before diving into your New Year’s resolutions for 2024, consider priming your emotional brain for success. These science-backed tips will help you achieve your goals and contribute to a happier and healthier new year.

Choose natural pleasures over artificial pleasures

Give your brain the joy it craves by choosing natural pleasures over artificial delights. Replace refined sugars and alcohol with simple activities like dancing, walking your dog, or playing games. These natural pleasures calm stress and help curb cravings, especially in the evenings when neurotransmitters are depleted after a long day.

Make more time for emotional connection

Human beings thrive on emotional connections. Rather than overeating or excessive drinking due to a lack of social interactions, focus on building meaningful connections. Engage in activities that foster emotional bonds, such as watching heartwarming movies or simply listening to others. The human voice is a powerful source of emotional fulfilment.

Love yourself before you attract friends or a partner

To find new friends or a particular partner is a typical New Year’s resolution. However, the key is to raise your emotional set point by loving yourself first. Clear past emotional baggage and fostering self-love create a solid foundation for attracting emotionally secure individuals who resonate with your newfound positivity.

Check your stress level, not your feelings

Shift your focus from constant self-analysis to monitoring stress levels. Instead of asking, “How do I feel?” assess your stress level on a scale from low to high. Recognise that feelings are most accurate in low-stress situations. By regulating stress levels, you enhance self-compassion and reduce overall stress, avoiding the activation of old thought patterns and cravings.

Embrace stress – it helps to rewire your brain

Change your perspective on stress, viewing it as an opportunity for positive change. Stress can unlock self-limiting behaviours and pave the way for beneficial brain rewiring. Treat stressful situations as opportunities to reset your emotional set point, making you better equipped to handle future challenges. Consider seeking assistance from professionals like Life Path Health for guided emotional rewiring.

As you embark on a new year, prioritise training your emotional brain for success. Implementing these neuroscience-backed tips can lead to a more joyful and fulfilling year ahead.

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