HELPLINE - 072 7900 506

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Complete and submit your admission form before arrival.


Which hospital will you be admitted to?

  • Claro Clinic
  • Helderberg Clinic
  • Pines Clinic
  • Sereno Clinic
  • Soweto Life Path Health Hospital
  • St Catherine’s Life Path Hospital
  • Tijger Clinic
  • Tyger Valley Clinic
  • West Beach Clinic


What do I need to pack for my stay?
  • The ID of the patient as well ID of the main member
  • Medical Aid Card
  • Comfortable and casual clothing – no sleepwear during the day. Bring appropriate clothes for groups, relaxation and light exercise activities.
  • Pyjamas and slippers for sleeping only
  • Toiletries. Please note that sharp objects, such as nail clippers, razors, scissors, and electrical appliances, such as hairdryers or straighteners, will be locked away at the nurses’ station when not needed and must be returned immediately after use.
  • Any medication currently being taken (chronic medication included) in original packaging. Please hand it to the nursing staff. You may NOT keep medication with you.
  • Towels. We supply towels, but you are welcome to bring your own.
  • Cigarettes. We do not sell cigarettes on the premises, so please bring your own if you are a smoker.
  • Reading material
  • Cash for the vending machine. We do not have an ATM at the hospital.
  • Hair dryer