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To get the best addiction treatment in the Western Cape for alcohol and drug rehabilitation, choose a rehab clinic that puts your health and comfort first.


Alcohol and drug addiction, like any serious illness, is a dangerous and uncomfortable condition that requires intense medical care. It is essential to choose a professional medical facility that puts your health and comfort first during the rehabilitation process. Although many rehabilitation centres offer addiction treatment in the Western Cape, not all are licensed medical service providers that maintain high medical standards. Before deciding on a rehab program, you should learn more about the licensed mental health hospitals in the Western Cape that provide professional addiction treatment at medical aid rates.

For the full addiction treatment, the rehabilitation centre of your choice must have the following treatment programs:
– Detoxification
– A three-week inpatient program
– An outpatient program
– A structured aftercare program
– Ongoing support groups

The first phase of rehabilitation is a detoxification that cleanses the body of all substances of which the patient is dependent. Before treatment can begin, the body must be free of drugs and alcohol. The discomfort of withdrawal is monitored with professionalism and compassion until the patient feels healthy and can start the treatment program.

A three-week inpatient program will consist of individual and group counselling, educational lectures and activities, physical exercise, creative activities, family counselling (if applicable), and entertainment. The purpose of an inpatient addiction treatment program is to find a balance between mind, body, and spirit. The patient should be able to leave the rehabilitation facility with new insight and strength to continue a life of significant new changes.


The Top 3 Rehabilitation Facilities for Addiction Treatment in the Western Cape


Claro Clinic, N1 City

Claro Clinic at N1 City in Cape Town regards alcohol and drug addiction as a chronic but treatable illness affecting your physical, emotional, social, and spiritual wellbeing.
They believe that addiction treatment should address all aspects of your life to reach full recovery and lead a fulfilling life. Starting addiction treatment is the first step in a lifelong process of healing. It should include the support of the family members involved, as well as a structured aftercare program. See Video Of Claro Clinic


Pines Clinic, Worcester

Pines Clinic in Worcester, Western Cape highlights the importance of using a holistic approach to treating addiction and other mental illnesses. They have multi-disciplinary teams made up of doctors, psychologists, occupational therapists, social workers, and 24-hour nursing staff to walk the path of healing with you. Pines Clinic in Worcester believes that professional medical care in a warm home environment is of the utmost importance for the healing and wellbeing of addiction patients. A homely and friendly atmosphere is just as crucial to healing as excellent therapists and nurses. See Video Of Pines Clinic


West Beach Clinic, Blaauwberg

West Beach Clinic is a luxury boutique-style mental health and addiction treatment facility in Blouberg Sands, Cape Town. They offer professional medical treatment and care for addiction patients at medical aid rates. West Beach Clinic’s quality, comprehensive inpatient program focuses on the cognitive, emotional and behavioural aspects of alcohol and drug addiction. Patients enjoy staying with them in the most excellent comfort possible. See Video Of West Beach Clinic


How your Medical Aid Can Help With Addiction Treatment 

Alcohol and drug addiction is a life-threatening condition and can cause serious health complications. Not many people know that their medical aid or hospital plan covers the treatment of addiction and other mental health issues. Your medical aid must pay for the diagnosis, treatment and care of alcohol and drug dependence, according to the Prescribed Minimum Benefits (PMB) of the Medical Aid Act. The coverage of alcohol and drug addiction involves hospital treatment for up to three weeks in a year. It includes consultations, pathology tests, medicine and psychotherapy.


Getting Help with Addiction Treatment

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