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No time for self-care? Try these quick mental health breaks to reduce your stress during the day.

A workday that is filled with constant stress, anxiety and tension is simply not healthy for you. Even if your schedule is filled to the brim, you can still use little moments for mental health breaks during the day. These moments will help ground you and boost your mood to take on the rest of the day. 

Write it down

If you’re having difficulty focusing, write down what you are thinking. Make a list of all the tasks on your mind. Some people call it a brain dump because you free your mind from unproductive overthinking and worrying by writing it down on paper. Use this list to plan your actions, or throw it out if your mind feels lighter.

Do some stretches

When you feel stressed, do some easy stretching exercises to release tension in your body. The movements can be as simple as lifting your arms above your head, bending to touch your toes, or rolling your shoulders, wrists or ankles. 

Breathe mindfully

To breathe mindfully is a form of meditation that reduces blood pressure, lowers cortisol levels, and boosts serotonin, a happiness hormone. Take a minute to breathe in through your nose and out through your mouth repeatedly.

Have a mindful meal

Do not have your breakfast or lunch while checking your emails or social media, or even in between Zoom meetings. Instead, use the moment to focus on the smell, taste and texture of the food you are eating, even if it is a sandwich. Mindful eating is a way to calm and nurture yourself before you dive back into your work. 

Take an outdoor stroll 

A quick stroll outside the office will get your blood circulation flowing and reset your stressed mind. The movement helps your mind to process stressors while the sunlight revitalises you. A 10 to 15-minute break outdoors is a quick and easy relaxation technique. 

Connect with friends and family

A quick text or call to your loved ones will improve your mood throughout the day. The oxytocin released in your body when connecting with loved ones will calm your nerves and give you a warm and comfortable feeling which will relieve stress. 

Listen to a podcast, audiobook or music on your way home

Shut your mind off from the workday by listening to something that interests you on your way home. Listening to a podcast, audiobook or some music will improve your mood and reset your mind from matters at work to the people at home. 

Mark the end of your workday 

It is not always easy to set boundaries between work and play, especially when working from home. Add an activity that marks the end of your workday and shifts your brain from work to relaxation. Play an upbeat tune, go for a run, take a shower, or do anything that lets your brain knows that work is over for the day.  If you need help to control your stress and anxiety to create a more manageable life, please get in touch with one of our Mental Health Professionals, or call Life Path Health‘s 24/7-Helpline on 072-7900-506.

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