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The signs of High-Functioning Anxiety may vary from positive to negative:


The Positive Signs of High-Functioning Anxiety

  • You are successful at your work.
  • Outwardly, you appear calm.
  • You plan ahead for all scenarios.
  • You have an outgoing personality (happy, tells jokes, smiles, laughs.)
  • You are always on-time or early for appointments.
  • You are well-organised (always making lists.)
  • You have an active lifestyle.
  • You are detail-oriented.
  • You are a high achiever.
  • You are orderly, neat and tidy.
  • You are passionate.
  • You are helpful.
  • You are loyal.

The Negative Signs of High-Functioning Anxiety

  • You are a people-pleaser (fear of driving people away or of letting others down.)
  • You are inclined to talk a lot (nervous chatter.)
  • You have nervous habits (knuckle cracking, playing with hair.)
  • Needs to do repetitive actions (i.e. counting or tapping)
  • You tend to overthink situations.
  • You require reassurance (asking the same questions multiple times.)
  • Procrastination followed by long periods of cramming work.
  • You tend to avoid eye contact.
  • You dwell on the negative (creating what if-scenarios.)
  • You find it hard to say No.
  • You have a constantly overloaded schedule.
  • You are always busy.
  • Insomnia (you can’t fall asleep, or you wake up too early.)
  • You have racing thoughts.
  • Others think that you are unemotional.
  • You don’t enjoy the moment because you are expecting the worst.
  • You feel intimidated by the future.
  • You compare yourself to others but think you fall short of expectations.
  • You are mentally tired.
  • You are physically exhausted.
  • You may have the potential for alcohol or substance abuse as an unhealthy way to cope.

Please, consider seeing a Mental Health Professional if your anxiety results in these issues:

  • It interferes with your productivity,
  • It negatively impacts your overall quality of life,
  • It interferes with your relationships, or 
  • It makes you feel that you are “just surviving” instead of thriving.

If you need help to control your anxiety and create a more manageable life, please contact one of our Mental Health Professionals, or call Life Path Health’s 24/7-Helpline on 072-7900-506.

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