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High-Functioning Anxiety affects high achievers and those who drive themselves beyond their limits. Those who experience it seem to cope well, but the internal struggle can be quite disrupting.

I have struggled terribly with High-Functioning Anxiety. I looked fine on the outside, but I felt so much fear on the inside. My heart was racing, and my palms would be sweating, but I pushed through. I cannot tell you how many times I have told people that I am struggling and they would say, “Wow, I had no idea!” They could never see my internal struggle.

Globally, anxiety is one of the most common mental health issues, but it is still very poorly understood.  Mental health professionals do not recognise High-Functioning Anxiety as a mental health diagnosis, and they often describe it as a case of mild anxiety. On the outside, it may seem that such a person is performing well; however, the internal struggle can be quite disrupting. 

Am I Experiencing High-Functioning Anxiety?

You are likely to experience this type of Anxiety if you consider yourself an overachiever or often drive yourself to a case of burnout. You may tell yourself that you are “pushing through” to get the job done, which may seem praiseworthy to others, but you may be internally suffering. You may experience increased heart rate, poor sleep, and intense fear. You may attribute these symptoms to everyday stress; however, they can eventually have damaging effects on your physical and mental health. prone

The Signs of High-Functioning Anxiety:

  1. You are people-pleasing to make yourself feel safe and less anxious
  2. You survive prolonged periods of hard work, then experience burnout, causing you to procrastinate
  3. You have impossibly high standards, and you are never satisfied with your performance
  4. You think, worry and obsess over the future, and plan long ahead to avoid potential issues
  5. You cling to detail and regimen to give you stability
  6. You don’t sleep enough – You wake up and cannot get back to sleep, or you have trouble falling asleep
  7. You have racing thoughts that make it difficult to relax or concentrate
  8. You are overly busy due to the fear of saying NO and have an intense fear of letting other people down
  9. You have a constant need for reassurance
  10. You use alcohol and substances to cope
  11. Your anxiety, rather than your ambition, is driving you to complete tasks
  12. You get upset when your routine gets disrupted
  13. You have habits like nervous chatter, nail- or lip-biting, and cracking your knuckles
  14. To others, it seems like you have it all together, but internally, you are struggling

Experiencing High-Functioning Anxiety on your own can be overwhelming, especially since others may not know that you are suffering. 

If you need help to control your anxiety and create a more manageable life, please contact one of our mental health professionals, or call Life Path Health‘s 24/7-Helpline on 072-7900-506. 

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