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When you need help with your mental health, it’s best to seek professional support. In South Africa, 1 in 3 people live with mental health issues. Private mental health hospitals have become a favoured choice for comprehensive and personalised mental health care. These hospitals are contracted with all major medical schemes and provide quality treatment for people who need help with depression, anxiety, burnout, addiction, and other mental health conditions. 

Why would I need mental health treatment?

Everyone experiences mental health challenges differently; some symptoms can be more debilitating than others. 

You may need professional treatment if:

  • You are struggling to cope with your feelings
  • Your negative feelings are excessive and seem out of control
  • Your mental health is harming your ability to function and look after yourself

Why is a private mental health hospital a good choice for mental health treatment?

1. Homely Atmosphere

Private mental health hospitals offer homely accommodation in calm environments to facilitate recovery. These hospitals understand the importance of creating a peaceful and nurturing atmosphere. The hospitals are designed to be comfortable, providing a sense of familiarity and security during your stay. The serene surroundings, away from the stresses of everyday life, can contribute to a calm and therapeutic environment, fostering relaxation, reflection, and healing.

2. Working Together to Help You

In private mental health hospitals, experts from different fields work together to support you. These professionals may include psychiatrists, psychologists, therapists, nurses, and social workers. They work together to understand your specific needs and create a treatment plan just for you. Their teamwork ensures that your mental health is viewed from different angles and you receive the best possible care.

3. A Thorough Evaluation

When you enter the hospital, you will go through a thorough evaluation. The team of experts will want to understand your mental health concerns, medical history, and any other conditions you may have. They will conduct interviews, assessments, and tests and consult with different specialists. This evaluation helps them create a treatment plan tailored to your specific needs.

4. Treatment Plans Made for You

Private mental health hospitals focus on creating personalised treatment plans for each patient. Based on the evaluation, the team of experts will design a treatment approach that fits your needs. This plan may include medication, therapy (such as talking to someone who can help you understand and manage your thoughts and feelings), group therapy (where you can talk and learn from others who are going through similar challenges), creative activities, and other techniques like mindfulness and relaxation exercises.

5. Support Around the Clock

Private mental health hospitals provide support 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Compassionate nurses and mental health professionals will always be available to help you. They will ensure your safety and well-being and address any concerns or emergencies that may come up. This constant support creates a safe environment to focus on your recovery without worrying about problems.

6. Therapy with Others and Group Support

In these hospitals, group therapy is an integral part of the treatment. You will be able to participate in therapy sessions with others facing similar challenges. You will connect with people who understand what you’re going through, and they will provide support and encouragement. It also allows you to learn from other’s experiences and develop coping skills. Sometimes, therapy sessions can also involve your family or loved ones to improve communication and strengthen relationships.

7. Holistic and Alternative Therapies

Private mental health hospitals often offer holistic and alternative therapies alongside traditional treatments. These may include mindfulness exercises, meditation, yoga, art therapy, working with animals like horses, and more. These complementary approaches can help you heal emotionally, reduce stress, increase self-awareness, and improve your overall well-being.

8. Planning for After Your Stay

As you progress in your treatment, the team of experts will help you plan for when you leave the hospital. They will work with you to plan your transition back to your everyday life. This may involve continuing treatment on an outpatient basis, attending therapy sessions or support groups, and connecting you with resources in your community. Planning for the time after your hospital stay is essential to ensure that you continue to receive support and care.

Choosing to seek treatment at a private mental health hospital can be life-changing. These hospitals offer personalised care that considers your specific needs. With the help of a team of experts, a tailored treatment plan, and various forms of support, you can overcome your mental health challenges and embark on a path to recovery. Remember, reaching out for help is a brave step, and with the proper support, healing is possible.

You may have more questions about your stay in the hospital. Please visit our Frequently Asked Questions page or call our friendly helpline at 072 7900 506.

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