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If you are considering alcohol or drug addiction treatment for yourself or a loved one, you are probably wondering what a standard day looks like at a rehabilitation clinic. You might expect it to be old and uncaring, but a rehabilitation clinic is a place of healing and introspection. There is a structure to each day, and group therapy sessions to help those who are recovering address their problems. 

When looking at a rehabilitation clinic, you might find that sessions are tailored to the specific needs of the patients at the time. The tailoring of sessions allows professionals to guide the clients in reaching their own recovery. For those who are still unsure about what to expect, we discuss what a typical day and treatment programme looks like at a rehabilitation clinic. 


What Does A Typical Day Look Like?


Whether you will be spending time at a rehabilitation clinic yourself, or supporting a loved one in treatment, knowing what a typical day involves can give confidence and calm in your decision. Rehabilitation clinics with inpatient programmes are known for being structured and organised, as this can help the clients to feel more at ease and in control of their lives


Morning Meetings And Breakfast


Many rehabilitation clinics start the day off with a healthy breakfast and early rising. Those who rise a little later than others might find themselves without a morning meal, meaning that sleeping in is not encouraged and missing morning meetings is prohibited. After breakfast, there is often a group meeting led by a counsellor which focuses on subjects related to the rehabilitation process. Topics often focus on striving for clarity on what triggers addictive behaviours as well as how to rectify these issues. 


Afternoon Therapy Sessions


After breakfast and morning meetings, patients are usually allowed to spend free time taking part in constructive activities and afternoon therapy sessions. These sessions often include individual sessions, where clients will speak to a counsellor about their problems and reach personalised solutions. Group therapy and specialised sessions are also part of the afternoon routine at the rehabilitation clinic. 


What Does A Programme Involve?


Many rehabilitation clinics take a holistic approach towards healing their clients, providing access to a multidisciplinary team of health practitioners. Programmes will differ according to the needs of the client, but there is usually a set structure for general programmes. 


Physical Aspects Of Addiction


This step in the programme looks at the physical aspects of addiction and what the physical, emotional, and social losses of substance addiction can be. Often this involves reading materials about dependency as well as the identification of triggers and the management of cravings. Lifestyle changes will also be discussed and implemented to help prevent possible relapses. 


Emotional Consequences Of Addiction


A rehabilitation clinic will often offer sessions on the psychological consequences of addiction, as this is an essential aspect of any successful recovery. Patients will be advised on how they can improve their emotional functioning using the tools provided in the therapy sessions. They will also look at aspects such as unresolved anger and how it can affect drug and substance abuse. Understanding the impact of emotions on addiction can help to prevent any relapses. 


Implementation Of Life Skills


Part of rehabilitating after addiction is implementing the life skills learnt at the rehabilitation clinic. Many people who attend these clinics have lost the ability to function in the world without using a substance, and so need to be taught how to use essential life skills. Clients will be informed on managing conflict and communication, how to relax and deal with stress or anger, as well as how to interact with friends and family positively. 


Successful Substance Abuse Treatment


By combining group and individual therapy sessions with a healthy routine, a rehabilitation clinic can successfully treat a client who is recovering from substance abuse. Knowing what to expect from a typical day in a rehabilitation clinic can help people to feel more at ease when booking themselves or a loved one into a clinic. 

Treatments are often based on the needs of the individual, and group sessions can help with unpacking certain feelings and frustrations to understand why one feels this way. If you would like to learn more about what to expect at their rehabilitation clinics, contact Life Path Health today