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When you are depressed, it is easy to start believing the lies your depression tells you.

When you have depression, you do not always perceive things as they are. Depression can feel like being suffocated, isolated from the world, confused and abandoned. And worst of all, depression is a bully that constantly feeds you lies.

The lies your depression tells you:


You will feel like this forever. 

Depression tells us that there is no point and that life will be miserable forever. But you were not born feeling this way – things will change again, and the truth is that everything changes, including your mood. 

It is all your fault. 

Not only does depression make you miserable, but it also wants you to feel guilty and blame yourself. The truth is that the mind is complex, and people become depressed for many reasons. Sometimes, depression is a response to loss or trauma, or even because life seems unbearable at the moment. Imbalanced brain chemicals could also be the cause of your depression. But depression is certainly not your fault.

You are not ill; you are lazy. 

Depression wants you to believe that your condition is a character flaw, not an illness. It will try to convince you that getting treatment is useless. The truth is that having no energy, motivation, or hope is not laziness. And it is not okay to feel unhappy every day. 

You do not deserve to feel happy.

Depression wants to convince you that you are worthless and that you do not deserve comfort and kindness. When you believe this lie, you will start to feel you do not deserve to sleep, eat, shower or breathe. You will stop caring for yourself, and this is what depression wants. But you do deserve all the good things in life. Everyone deserves care, support and comfort, and you do not have to earn your right to be alive.

Nobody cares.

Depression succeeds when you believe that you are all by yourself, that nobody cares or understands and that you have to cope all by yourself. Ultimately, depression wants to silence you and make you feel like a burden to others. But depression is wrong. You are loved, and people care about you. You have lots of people on your side, even if you struggle to see it at times. Not everybody has the compassion to care about your depression, but some people passionately live and work to improve the mental health of others. Please reach out to them because you are certainly not alone. 

Stop believing the lies your depression tells you.

It can be tough to challenge your negative thoughts when you battle depression. It feels like everything is hopeless and that seeking treatment would be a waste of time. One of the most deceptive and harmful aspects of depression is that it cheats people into believing that there is no hope and no help. It might feel impossible when you are in despair, but there are effective treatments for depression.  By reaching out to a Mental Health Professional, you can empower yourself to be less vulnerable to depression and live a joyful and productive life. If you feel overwhelmed by your depression, you can call or Whatsapp the HELPLINE at 072 7900 506.  


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