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Religion and spirituality play a vital role in healing, and people experiencing mental health issues often turn to their faith leaders first.

From a public health perspective, our faith leaders in the community are very often the gatekeepers when individuals and families experience mental health or substance use problems.

As key providers of care and support in often complex social and mental health issues, our faith leaders form a vital link to other professionals in cases of necessitated referrals.

Here are some factors to strongly regard when considering a referral to a mental health specialist:

  • Danger: When someone poses an immediate threat to self or others (suicidal behaviour, severe aggressive behaviour, self-harming, or other self-destructive behaviour).
  • Suicide: Always take thoughts of suicide seriously. Family members may be aware of concerning behaviours, like isolation. A person who is suicidal should be considered a mental health emergency, and immediate psychiatric assistance should be sought.

Other Situations That May Require a Referral:

  • Developmental problems (children/teens)
  • Abnormal bereavement (the sadness associated with the death of a loved one may progress to low self-esteem, thoughts of suicide, feelings of guilt, and lack of interest)
  • Family dysfunction
  • Substance misuse/addiction
  • Notable changes in sleep (lack of sleep or sleeping too much can be related to depression, anxiety, and post-traumatic stress disorder)
  • When you have worked with someone with behavioural or emotional problems without meaningful improvement
  • A worrisome sign is diminishing social support. The person perceives he/she has no one to depend on or confide in or has recently withdrawn from supports.

It is always ideal to utilise your network of mental health professionals who can help triage a situation and recommend the most appropriate resource for the individual’s particular needs and circumstances.

Life Path Health is a group of private hospitals providing inpatient treatment for mental health and addiction. We follow a multidisciplinary team approach that includes psychiatrists, psychologists, occupational therapists, social workers, and 24-hour nursing. Our hospitals are contracted with all major medical schemes and are located in the following areas of the Western Cape:

Tyger Valley Clinic (Tyger Valley)
– Psychiatric Care For The Elderly
– General Psychiatry

Tijger Clinic (Loevenstein)
– Psychiatric Care For Adolescents
– General Psychiatry

Claro Clinic (N1 City)
– Addiction Treatment
– General Psychiatry

West Beach Clinic (Blaauwberg)
– Addiction Treatment
– General Psychiatry

Sereno Clinic (Paarl)
– General Psychiatry

Helderberg Clinic (Strand)
– Psychiatric Care For Adolescents
– General Psychiatry

Pines Clinic (Worcester)
– Addiction Treatment
– General Psychiatry

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