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Worcester Practitioners

Please note we are still finalising the list below


Bill Skinner

Field of Speciality: Psychology

Contact no: 076 687 4273

Email: billskinner2@telkomsa.net

Address: 33 Church Street, Worcester


Dr. Hester Maria Tancred

Field of Speciality: Anxiety disorders, depression, marital

Contact no: 023-342 2422

Email: hmtancred@mweb.co.za

Address: 8 Trappes Street, Worcester


Dr. Diederi Kruger

Field of Speciality: Educational psychology specialising in Brain Working Recursive Therapy

Contact no: 023 – 342 8834

Email: cwpraktyk@gmail.com

Address: 16 Church Street, Worcester

Website: www.drdiederikruger.co.za

Call our 24/7 Helpline @ 072 7900 506

*Please note that we are able to accommodate potential patients who have medical aid or hospital cover. We will be more than happy to refer you to an alternative medical practice (or medical cover solutions) if you are not covered at the moment.

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