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Helderberg Practitioners

Please note we are still finalising the list below


Dr. J J (Judy) Ludwick

Field of Speciality: General adult psychiatry, PTSD

Contact no: 073 228 4255

Email: judy@ludwick.co.za

Address: 7 Medsac Appartments, 2Fijnbos Cres, Strand

Cornell Pretorius

Field of Speciality: Marriages, time management, self identity, burn-out

Contact no: 083 305 7337

Email: cornellpretorius@gmail.com

Address: Tranquility Centre, 1 Rhodes Street, Somerset West


Jacob Oostenbrink

Field of Speciality: Clinical Psychology

Contact no: 021 853 2889

Email: admin@oostenbrink.co.za

Address: 80 Myburgh Street, Strand

Website: www.oostenbrink.co.za


Dr. Lynn Dunstan

Field of Speciality: Counselling

Contact no: 082 2020 810

Email: ldunstan@mighty.co.za

Address: 14 Barberton Street, Heldervue, Somerset West

Website: https://lynndunstan.wordpress.com


Christel Maritz

Field of Speciality: Depression, anxiety and trauma in adults

Contact no: 021 852 9397

Email: cmaritz@webmail.co.za

Address: Tre Mondi Office Block 2B, Niblick Way, Somerset West

Website: www.christelmaritzpsychologist.psychpractice.org


Michelle Foulds

Field of Speciality: Therapy – All

Contact no: 083 568 4830

Email: mafoulds@iafrica.com

Address: 16 Morkel Street Somerset West

Website: www.michellefoulds.co.za


JC Kruger

Field of Speciality: Adult psychotherapy

Contact no: 073 538 0312

Email: krugjc@gmail.com

Address: 10 Primarius street, Strand

Website: https://sites.google.com/site/jckrugerclinicalpsychologist/home


Dr. Adelbert Scholtz

Field of Speciality: Forensic psychology, crisis counselling, pastoral counselling

Contact no: 021 852 6978

Email: adelbertscholtz@hotmail.com

Address: 67 Brookside Village, Schapenberg Road, Somerset West

Website: www.helderbergpsychologist.co.za


Dr. Andrew Lewis

Field of Speciality: Sport Psychology

Contact no: 082 874 6112

Email: lewisandrew@mweb.co.za

Address: 76 La Montagne, Bakkerskloof Road, Somerset West

Website: http://www.andrewlewis.co.za/


Adelbert Scholtz

Field of Speciality: Forensic psychology, pastoral counseling

Contact no: 021 – 852 6978 / 083 583 1476

Email: adelbertscholtz@hotmail.com

Address: 67 Brookside Village, Schapenberg Road, Somerset West

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*Please note that we are able to accommodate potential patients who have medical aid or hospital cover. We will be more than happy to refer you to an alternative medical practice (or medical cover solutions) if you are not covered at the moment.

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