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My Story of Addiction Recovery and Beating COVID-19 Restrictions with Help from Claro Clinic & Technology.

by Dean Martin Roodt

Well, how do I start? Oh yes! Hello, my name is Dean, and I’m a recovering Crystal Meth Addict, and I’m just over two years sober! This is how I would usually introduce myself at my weekly Claro Aftercare Meetings, so yes that’s me, a happy, blessed and proud recovering addict, and I would like to share a little bit of my journey so far:

The last two years of sobriety has been the happiest, successful and the most educating years of my adult life so far and I don’t regret accepting that I have and always will have an incurable disease called addiction. For +-8 years I lived in denial and pretended my life was perfect and fulfilling, but I kept lying to everyone and myself until the dragon I kept chasing came to bite me and almost swallowed me whole.

Finding courage and finally facing the need and want of “REHAB”, I was introduced to Claro Clinic, N1 City and all I can say…best money and time I have ever spent, period! They accepted me as part of the family, and all I can say is thank you, thank you, thank you! Thank you to all the Psychiatrists and Psychologists, Occupational Therapists, Nurses, Claro Management and All the Claro Staff – You know who you all are! I will forever be grateful to you all! 

In Claro, I met some amazing people from all walks of the addiction spectrum, and it was such a feeling of belonging, knowing that I’m not alone, struggling with this disease. I was also introduced to Claro’s After Care group, that met twice a week at Claro, and we still meet today – three times a week now! Why? Well, COVID happened, but us addicts need our meetings. And with the wonder of technology and access to Zoom, we could continue meeting, sharing and help support each other through these difficult and trying times. With Hybrid meetings (bum on seat and Zoom combined) now being the new normal, I am always connected to my fellow addicts!

With the help of Claro and my Support group, not only am I sober today, but I have a newfound craving for life, self-love & respect and the most loving and supporting fiancé and family in the world!

So here is to Claro Clinic! Thank you for your contribution to my sobriety and those of my fellow addicts. One day at a time, I can’t, but together we can!


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