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You may be feeling more down than usual since Covid-19 struck. You hope it will pass once things return to normal. Are you overreacting or should you see a Mental Health Professional now?


Maybe you are feeling anxious about the political and economic situation. You are more irritable than usual and are not sleeping well. Is this normal? Should you reach out to a mental health professional, or is it a waste of time? How will talking to someone improve your situation?

Given the unusual circumstances that we currently face, feelings of anxiety and insecurity are normal. However, seeing a mental healthcare professional can give you back control and help you manage your stress better. 


Signs You Should Talk To Someone 


Before Covid-times, under normal circumstances, therapy was recommended when you have struggled with your mood or behaviour for more than two weeks. If your symptoms affect your work and social life, you should strongly consider mental health assistance.

A change in eating and sleeping patterns, and increased irritability might all be signs that you should reach out to someone. But since we have had to deal with a global pandemic, symptoms like these have been common. 


Why Talk To Someone Right Now


Just because the struggles you are experiencing right now are commonplace and can be explained, it does not mean you shouldn’t get help when you feel overwhelmed. 

Talking to a therapist or psychiatrist now might prevent you from developing a full-blown mental health issue later. It may also help relieve some of the distress you’re experiencing.

Here are some reasons why you might want to talk to someone now:

  • You grief the loss of loved ones to Covid-19.
  • You have battled the virus yourself and struggle to adapt to reality.
  • You are anxious about getting infected.
  • You fear sending your children back to school.
  • Your relationships are taking strain from being in lockdown or isolation. 
  • You are struggling to work from home. 
  • You are frustrated and irritable with your children and loved ones.
  • You are having difficulty motivating yourself.
  • You feel guilty and don’t know why.
  • You are feeling anxious about the future.
  • You are lonely.
  • You are struggling to do all the things you need to do in a day.
  • You are anxious about your financial situation.
  • You are constantly worried about your loved ones.

These are just a few reasons to be worried about your mental health. There is never a wrong reason for reaching out to a Mental Health Professional.


How To Find A Mental Health Professional


Don’t wait until you have a severe problem before you get help. Finding someone to talk to now could be the best way to help you feel better and in control, whatever your situation. 

These days, many doctors and therapists are also offering Zoom-consultations while social distancing to avoid the anxiety of Covid-19 infection. You can reach out to Life Path Health by visiting their therapist directory or call/WhatsApp their 24/7-Helpline on 072 7900 506. They will gladly have a chat and put you in contact with a therapist or doctor in your area. 

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