Many mental health problems emerge in late childhood and early adolescence. Recent studies have identified mental health problems – in particular depression, as the largest cause of the burden of disease among young people (DALYs)/World Health Organisation stats.

We can help at Life Path Health, we are a group of hospitals providing Private, In-patient Psychiatric and Mental Health care.

Life Path Health opened a brand new #YouthZone at their Helderberg Clinic in Strand.

#YouthZone is a Specialist Adolescent Mental Health Service for young people aged 12-18 who require assessment and treatment for a range of complex mental health difficulties.

Our professional teams work with these young people to build coping skills, confidence and improve relationships with those who are close to them.

The services we offer at #YouthZone promotes positive mental health and wellbeing and the specialist care we provide helps ensure each young person overcomes their most challenging times and goes on to lead a positive and productive future.


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The Life Path Health Group Is A Network Of Hospitals Providing Mental Health Inpatient Treatment And Addiction Treatment In Private Facilities In South Africa.

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