[TS_VCSC_Quick_Testimonial placeholder=”http://www.lifepathgroup.co.za/wp-content/plugins/ts-visual-composer-extend/images/defaults/default_person.jpg” author=”West Beach Clinic Patient” show_avatar=”false”]I was admitted in June 2017 to West Beach Clinic and the admission staff, including Pieter was very kind and helpful. The sister who talked and eased me into the room bookings and checking in further was emphatic and put me at ease.

The clinic is beautiful with excellent staff and they also serve the best meals and a special thank you to chef Peter. The first day passed in a blur and I was very eager to see Doctor Ghela, who immediately put me at peace with the words that I am at the right place to get the best help.

He asked me specific questions and took everything I said as meaningful never making me feel that I was completely lost. He took the time to explain things to me and while I ended up staying there about 18 days he saw me regularly and upon a very busy day for him he still came in to see me at 8pm.

The dedication and interest in my wellbeing and the positivity and correct diagnoses he made to my mental wellbeing has been something I can never thank him enough for.  He further coupled me with the best psychologist, Louise Wessels and I feel at 42 with 3 young kids, divorced twice like a new person, that still has a lot to live for.

Thank you to your group and especially Doctor Ghela.



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