Aftercare Treatment

The multi-disciplinary, 3 week in-patient programme aims at stabilising the patient on a physical and emotional level, and to provide life skills training in order to cope with their specific challenges in their home and work environment. The patient now needs to build upon this treatment intervention by committing to a structured after care plan. Monitoring and support from significant others, and ideally from within their working environment, plays an invaluable role.

Upon discharge an exit interview is scheduled with the relevant parties where the specific aftercare agreements are concluded. This aftercare plan will stipulate their acknowledgement of the disease concept , the important life style changes and follow-up agreements they need to apply eg.

  • Follow-up appointments: Doctor / Psychiatrist / Psychologist
  • Identifying and eliminating of high risk triggers
  • Stipulating a plan of action for triggers that cannot be avoided
  • Stipulating support group attendance (Claro Clinic has their own support groups on a Monday and Thursday evening, providing ongoing support and education)
  • Stipulating regular urine screenings / the taking of Antabuse tablets
  • Identifying their support system
  • Describing an emergency plan
  • Identifying their sponsor

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