Do I Have an Addiction Problem

The following series of questions about the effects of alcohol and other drug use can help you to conduct a self-assessment regarding addiction.

Please respond to the following statements:

  • Sometimes I have had to use about twice as much alcohol or other drugs to get the same effect as I used to.   Yes/No
  • There have been times when I experienced withdrawal symptoms after I stopped using alcohol or other drugs.   Yes/No
  • I have used more alcohol or other drugs than I intended to or for longer periods of time than I intended.  Yes/No
  • I have tried (or wanted to try) to cut down or control the amount of my alcohol or other drug use.  Yes/No
  • I have spent a great amount of time using alcohol or other drugs, recovering from their effects, planning to obtain more, and thinking about the next time I will drink or use. Yes/No
  • Because of my alcohol or other drug use, I have given up or reduced my involvement in important social and occupational activities, either to spend time with other drug users or to use drugs in isolation.  Yes/No
  • Despite realising that my alcohol or other drug use was causing physical, psychological, or social problems (or making such problems worse), I continued to drink or use.  Yes/No

The above self-assessment questions are adapted from the diagnostic criteria developed by the American Psychiatric Association (APA). The APA says that if you answered yes to three or more of the above statements, it provides sufficient information to suggest that an individual meets the medical diagnosis of addiction. Please contact the clinic should you want to gain more information on the possibility of an addiction problem.

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